(of sorts)
I guess you could say that photography is my third career - or maybe fourth - sometimes I loose count. I have been a scientist, a cabinetmaker and carpenter and a businessman so I guess this is my fourth. I must admit it is the most fun so far. I recently sold my business and had the luxury of both time and money - both of which I understand are finite - to find out who else I am. I bought a camera and started taking pictures.

I recently heard a staff photographer for the Boston Globe tell the story of when he was young and his family was poor. He got a camera from his brother but he could not afford film, so he took pictures using an empty camera for two years. After hearing him speak, I realized that I have been doing the same thing. I have always been emotionally attracted to images, whether in nature or otherwise; especially those that have a certain ineffable rhythm of composition, a palpable quality of contrast and colors to weep for. The only change is now I can capture these images and share them.

I believe a photographer is a worker whose job it is to find delicious and provocative images and share them with others who don't have the eye, the time or the equipment to capture them themselves. It is a photographer's job to take his audience on a journey to tell them a tale. Whether it is a tale of ironworkers building a bridge, wild animals working out their wild animal lives or a vision of a spectacular landscape or a beautiful leaf or simply colors and shapes, it is the photographer's job to capture the images that tell the tale - the pictures that enable the journey.
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